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I have been working as a shamanic practitioner, chocolatier, medicine drum maker, and group facilitator since 2008. I bring with me a deep passion for the creative spirit that flows through all things. My mission in life is to encourage and support the unique expression of this in all of us through one-on-one healing, group workshops, chocolate and essences.

Let's explore your mountainside. You are special and unique. Uncovering this wild innate aspect of yourself can be the most rewarding and challenging journey as we step off the cliff and embrace your relationship to spirit, earth and your connection here.

I have great gratitude for Leila Lees who was a guide and huge influence in my life.

"This retreat far exceeded anything I could have imagined it was going to be... The clarity and activation I personally received from this retreat is beyond any wananga or workshop I have ever attended."
Tania J.

"I had the most amazing experience and feel so very grateful to have had a 1:1 day spent with Chalice... The whole day itself was full of ceremony, sharing stories, meditations and sound journeys. I've been to many sound journeys, yet this was such a deeply connecting journey to the underworld to meet my spirit animal... Thank you Chalice what a memorable day."
Maddie B.

"I am so eternally grateful to you Chalice. I have desperately needed the last 2 years, to find myself, to anchor in what is important, to immerse myself into such a beautiful group energy where I feel so completely safe & nurtured. So deep, so trusting. Only in this space that you held so strongly could I go to the places my soul needed to go to. I have explored, discovered & healed deep parts of myself. I thank you from the innermost part of my heart for your generous, strong, gentle holding. Your wise teaching, your ability to dance between the sacred & the ordinary that you've taught me. The skills you've taught me, to go inward safely, to walk through the inner world with confidence, the ability to track something, the ability to tune into something in nature, to be still & to listen. For all these things, I thank you."
Anna P.

"The series of 7 wildheart essences really resonate with me and have been supporting me in all areas of my life when I feel I need them... Loving and enjoying the essence of these beautiful tinctures."
Tania J.

"I made a drum with Chalice back in 2016. It was my first experience of working with Chalice. The journey of making a drum with Chalice is a much deeper experience than just making a drum. The birth of the drum is deepened via journeying with the various parts of the drum and beater along the way. It's a deep connection with the spirit of the tree from which came the rim, the spirit of the animal which provided it's skin and the ancient drum makers coming through to support the process. These are some of the elements coming together to support and invoke a deep inner process. Chalice's humble being holds this space in a way which creates authentic depth of connection to ourselves, each other and our drums."
Caroline M.

"You have an exemplary level of emotional intelligence and ability to see yourself objectively; often even recognizing your own triggers and insecurities. Given your continual practice of personal growth and betterment, I bet you improve with time."
Ken M.

© Chalice Malcolm - WildHeart