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Activation Essence Series

The wild weeds in this series have been created from a wild urban garden where they have naturalized. There is so much healing in wild spaces, the energy and medicine of these essences hold their unique vibrational gift to use in our healing journey. What feels particularly potent is the wild within the urban setting.

Activation Wildheart Essence Series


Mosotis sylvatica

Soul nourishment, grief, heart, connection

The essence: Crosses the bridge from the physical realm the beautiful reminder of our spirit origin. Gently awakens the heart to the souls journey. Connects to our star family.

Use: To support grief and loss of loved ones, disillusionment to ones life through bad choices and not following ones path, dream and purpose. Soul retrieval. Support in times of expansion.

Forget-me-not Vibrational Essence


Borage officinalis

Protector, removal of obstacles, lightness, initiator, earthliness

The essence: Borage brings courage to situations that need to shift, creating space in our environment to support change whether it be spiritual, physical or emotional. Brings a sense of joy.

Use: Support of stagnant emotions in the heart and stomach. When life feels repetitious, stuck or complicated. Creating pathways forward.

Borage Vibrational Essence

Herb Robert

Geranium robertianum

Interdependence, gentle, abundance, nervous system, male

The essence: There's a gentle youth light presence when around this essence, a reminder to step onto our place and from here extend out to relationships. Supports the physic backbone.

Use: Untangles co-dependent relationships, and supports one to stand in ones own mana. Useful if criticism is a large part of ones thought patterns, both to oneself and others. Supports a shift from scarcity to abundance. There is enough.

Herb Robert Vibrational Essence


Cerinthe major

Exploration, feminine, steeping through the void, creativity

The essence: Supports focus and connection to projects, brings clarity to the shifts in our behavior, heals possible rifts, and competitiveness especially between woman, or the creative aspect of projects. Brings space and sweetens your creative endeavors.

Use: Can be helpful when there has been a pattern of being out shone, of holding back ideas and creative flow. In areas where you may have kept yourself small, Honeywort reminds us to focus on the idea rather than being in fear of the journey.

Honeywort Vibrational Essence

Dead Red Nettle

Lamium purpureum

Releasing, Sacral Chakra, container, ancient wisdom

The essence: Deep within our core we know, this essence points us in the direction of an ancient understanding that lives within us. Awakens what has been locked away.

Use: Helps support understanding through the language of the body, useful in going deeper within, helpful if the tenancy is to be in the mind, awakens the bodies intelligence, unlocks what we may have been bound too. Where one may have been frozen, allows the emotions to flow. Remembering.

Dead Red Nettle Vibrational Essence


Raminculus bulbosus

Community, uniqueness, sun, celebration

The essence: Aligning to the inner light within, this essence offers space to celebrate and explore the unquiness of you. Unity through diversity.

Use: Supports our role and place in community, offers support in showing up how we can connect to others as ourselves. Brings a feeling of innocence when dealing with life hard knocks.

Buttercup Vibrational Essence


Oxalis sticta

Throat chakra, feminine, fire, within, without

The essence: Oxalis supports communication from the depth of our being, this essence helps unfurl the unheard voice. Releases blocks that may have been caught up in the throat chakra. Connection between throat and sacral chakra.

Use: In situations where the voice is caught up, unheard, locked down, oxalis lights the inner flame to this. Helpful in getting over fear of speaking out, of patterns of remaining silent, also supports the flow of the inner story to come to light.

Oxalis Vibrational Essence

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