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Medicine Wheel Exploration (next time and place)

In this workshop we will be creating a medicine wheel and working with the directions to explore our path here and how we can use this as a tool to support our journey.

We are connecting to a dynamic practice, it is fluid in its response to us, our enquiry and uniqueness. I love this piece, as it gives us space to allow and celebrate the character that is you. There is so much beauty in this. It is so needed in this time.

If you have birthed a medicine drum or have one, please bring this as there will be an opportunity to connect more deeply with your drum (and voice).

"What is the medicine wheel?

"The Medicine Wheel is a circle of power and knowledge, a way of understanding life, framed in a circle. It teaches of our connection to all things, it shows our way back to Centre, our way home. The Medicine Wheel is a reflection of the Universe and the individual. As above, so below - the greater is reflected in the lesser and the lesser in the greater."

Leo Rutherford in The View Through The Medicine Wheel

© Chalice Malcolm - WildHeart